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Welcome to

Louisville Organic Wellness Center

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 Services offered 

.Naturoupathic sessions

.Quantum Hypnosis


.Energy healing

.Spiritual counseling

.Salt room

.Many classes and groups

Using science and natural methods  in combination to bring you back into a state of balance. When in balance, the body cannot hold onto things that don’t belong. We understand the concept of wholeness and focus on ALL parts to bring you back to your true, whole self naturally!


 Once you walk through our doors, you will enter an entirely different world a true healing space where the focus is on you and your needs. We work with compassion and understanding to help you overcome whatever you are facing.


Everyone is different we work with each person on a individual bases. We will preform testing by taking a urine and saliva sample. Then take time to sit down with you and go over the state of your  physical and emotional body. We will then figure out a plan that will start naturally and safely bring your body back into whole balance.

What makes Louisville organic different from the rest is that we understand that the emotional body is just as important as the physical body. We have everything that is needed to work with you as a whole with the clear understanding that it is impossible to heal unless you do so. Welcome to a place of compassion, intuition and true love and concern for your well being. 



“I opened this place by listening to God. I feel like this is what I am meant to do. We are here to listen, understand, have compassion, give love and hope, and bring joy and peace to those who have lost these things—and especially to those who have never known them.”ANGIE BLUNK




We are in no way stating that we are Medical Doctors.
We are in no way stating that we can cure any symptom or disease.





We understand that everything is connected...
You can not heal the physical without healing the mind 
you can not heal the mind without healing the physical